The Axance Living Lab

A space dedicated to consumer and user research

The Living Lab is a study and research space conceive to promote encounters with consumers and to test your digital services and interface : web sites, mobile services, tablet applications, interactive kiosks, interactive TV services, etc.

This space was created by Axance, a leading agency in matters of user research in France.

To learn more about Axance

The Axance Lab is a full-service facility :

  • A complete infrastructure with 5 rooms located in the heart of Paris and a mobile laboratory.
  • A dedicated team composed of research directors, a lab manager and a user recruitment director.
  • A panel of 4500 consumers which assembles the primary market profiles (mass market, e-shoppers, early adopters, seniors, experts, professionals)

New Tech Ready Laboratory

Adapt to new technologies

Web site, mobile services, tablets, remotely connected or interactive kiosks...

Axance is an expert in HMI testing and ergonomics of digital applications.

The Axance LivingLab constantly adapts to new technologies and to new interfaces to better analyze the emerging uses.

Moderated by user experience consultants (ergonomists) the research can take the form of the following:

  • Individual sessions
  • Round tables
  • Brain storming sessions
  • Ethnographic studies to observe uses in an almost realistic setting

International research

Due to the UXalliance network

Axance is a co-founder of the UXalliance network which includes 23 companies on 5 continent in 46 countries.

The international network allows Axance to launch a research in multiple countries simultaneously with the same level of quality and in record time.

Axance maintain very close ties with each of its’ international partners:

  • Same UX philosophy
  • Same methodology and processes
  • Common norms and standards of quality in place
  • Regular maintenance and improvement of Alliance norms and standards

Visit the UXalliance website