Our facilities

Systems for testing your product or service while observing the consumers in action

Focus group room
A comfortable room for qualitative focus groups, consumer meetings, round tables or brainstorming sessions.
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Test rooms
Rooms equipped with 2 way mirrors and arranged for one-on-one interviews or user tests.
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Observation rooms
Comfortable rooms to observe your consumers live, in the best conditions.
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Mobile Laboratory
Axance maintains a mobile laboratory to conduct test wherever you wish, in your own offices or anywhere in the world.
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Focus Group Room

A discussion space for the your consumer discussions

The focus group room is entirely equipped to conduct group sessions (focus groups, consumer meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc.) for up to 12 people.

A note taker can transcribe the content for each meeting so that you do not loose any information from your discussions.

This room can also be rented to conduct other types of sessions : individual interviews, consumer round tables, using cumbersome test material (medical, technical, etc).

Focus group room features :

Surface : 26m2
Dimensions : 4.60m x 5.80
Equipment : Large screen TV, paperboard, videoprojector
Capacity : Up to 12 people

Test Room

Ideal for individual sessions

Whether for user testing or card sorting, our test rooms are equipped with a TV and a PC, as well as wifi, ADSL and 3G.  From the observation room, you can follow the comments from the users and the UX experts via the installed microphones and two way mirrors.

In order to better understand the issues raised during user testing, it is possible to record the test sessions on different formats (DVD, AVI, WMV) which you can then use with your colleagues.

Testing room features :

Surface : 15m2
Dimensions : 4.60m x 3m
Testing equipment : Computer, microphone
Internet : free Wifi, 3G, ADSL

Observation Room

Observe users’  interaction with your site

The observation room has a complete view of the testing rooms.  They can receive up to 5 observers who can listen to all conversations and also observe the reactions of the participant(s) during the sessions.

Equipped with large two way mirrors plus audio and video monitors, our observation room allows the viewers to better follow the  progress of the sessions.

Observation room features :

Surface : 15m2
Dimensions : 4.60m x 3m
Equipment : Two-way mirror, video and sound monitors
Internet : free Wifi, 3G, ADSL

Observation Room

A comfortable work space

We provide provide the following in the observation room :

  • An interpreter in charge of translating your sessions.
  • Hot beverages (coffee, tea) and cold drinks as well as pastries and biscuits.
  • A broadband connection via our Wifi network.
  • A tourist guide in which you will find all of the information necessary for a smooth stay in Paris.


Mobile Laboratory

Qualitative studies wherever you wish

Do you need to do a study in minor cities, in other countries or in a mobile situation ?
Axance provides perfectly portable equipment to offer you the possibility of conducting studies anywhere where you wish, outside of the agency’s offices.

According to your wants and needs, Axance provides completely portable equipment : Portable computers, audio and video recording systems, cables, video transmission (streaming) system.

Available equipment : Computers and specialised software, cables and microphones, video-projectors, speakers, video screens, etc.

Example of studies completed with our mobile laboratory :

  • User testing at the office
  • Point of sale user testing
  • On-site observations (in a home, in a car, in a medical environment)
  • International studies (Morocco, India, Turkey, etc)