Axance LivingLab Service +

More services for better testing

Axance offers a number of additional services to make your stay even easier :

  • Taxi reservations and transportation services for your travel within Paris
  • An iPad or computer to permit you to check you email or to take notes
  • A free-access professional library
  • Tourist guides with recommendations for restaurants, hotels and going out.


Meals during the tests
We can reserve a table at one oft he number of restaurants close to our offices.  For a faster lunch a delivery services can also be organised by Axance.  According to your dietary requirements, we propose high quality meal platters (French cuising, sushi, vergetarian menus, etc.)

Translation services
For our foreign clients, an interpreter is present in the observation room to translate all of the conversations in real time.


Recruiting based on your typical users

The recruitment methods used by Axance is executed in 2 stages :

  • Screening of potential subjects via an online questionaire.
  • Telephone selection of shortlist to confirm and evaluate their ability to participate in the tests and organise the session schedule.

Using this method, Axance contacts about 2000 people on average via the online questionaire in order to select 8-20 finalist.


Thus, our recruiting director is the only contact for the participants.  She also assure the selection, the schedule and the reception of the user/testers.

Video Recording

To better understand the user tests

During each session, the subjects’ paths, comments and reactions are recorded and analysed.  Video of the computer screen and the user’s reactions are also recorded.

For the user tests (web site, interactive TV services and mobile services), Axance always records the interface and the user on-site to better understand the pleasure, the enthusiam or even the frustration during use.

For Card Sorting, Axance records both the user reactions and the table where the cards are arrange by the participants themselves.

All of the recording are given to you at the conclusion of the test on a DVD (except for those participants who expressly refuse based on their image rights) at the same time as the test report.